High CBD Pre-Rolls

These high CBD pre-rolls are the perfect option for those who want the best of both worlds. They feature unique ratios of both THC and CBD for whatever vibe you’re looking for. Choose a CBD dominant ratio for a more chilled out feeling, or a balanced blend for more fun without the anxiety. These CBD and THC pre-rolls are available as single joints if you’re not sure yet or packs of seven if you already love them. Explore our high CBD pre-rolls and choose the ratio that will work for you.

$40.00·10 Mini Rolls / 3.5 Grams
$40.00 $30.00·6 Pre-Rolls / 4.5 grams total

The Perfect Pair

Ever tried pre-rolls with both CBD and THC? The combination of the calming CBD and the euphoric THC is perfect if you don’t enjoy THC on its own. These high CBD pre-rolls offer a more tempered high by blending both cannabinoids together. With these tailored ratios you can choose whether you want a more CBD-dominant blend or a balanced one. If you still have questions about these pre-rolls, reach out to one of our cannabis experts by phone or email.

Referral Program

At HERB our team of cannabis experts is passionate about bringing you the best quality products like our high CBD pre-rolls. We love our products, and when you do too we want you to share that love. When you refer a friend, they get $20 off their first two orders, and you earn $20 in HERB rewards when they receive their second delivery. Find all the info, including your personal referral code in the ‘HERB Rewards’ section of your account.

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