If you’re looking for clean pulls that give you every bit of that terpene flavor then our hand-crafted glass pipes and smoking tools online are what you need. The durable hand blown glass pipe can withstand a beating and is compact enough to take with you. Get yourself a reliable glass pipe online and all the tools you need from a grinder and a lighter.

Find More Smoking Tools

At HERB, you can find more than just our durable glass pipes online. We have an entire line of smoking accessories that pair perfectly with the top shelf cannabis we sell. Explore our range of rolling options from organic wraps to king size papers. You can even grab yourself a new rolling tray to make things easier. Whatever smoking tools you need for your next session, you can find them with HERB and expect your delivery in less than an hour!

The HERB Difference

We are no strangers to the industry as we have been going strong since 2014. Our commitment to providing premium cannabis products from the top brands in California has really made a difference and our customers are telling us about it. From praises for supporting the craft farmer to appreciation for our rapid delivery times, we are reminded everyday of why we work so hard and why we love this industry. Sign up today and get $20 off your first order.

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