If you’re enjoying an edible, there’s a good chance that it’s in the KIVA family of brands. Besides the unrivaled KIVA chocolate bars, they produce gummies, candies, mints, and chocolate covered nuts and fruit under these brands: Camino, Lost Farm, Petra, and Terra. Created with the highest regard for quality, consistency, and potency, KIVA creates edibles that are unparalleled in the cannabis industry. When you buy Kiva chocolate bars and edibles, you are enjoying a product made using locally grown cannabis, sustainably-sourced cacao, and other all natural ingredients.

Enjoyable and Effective Cannabis

HERB carries a vast selection of only the best cannabis products sourced from the top growers in California. KIVA is no exception. When you buy KIVA bars online at HERB, you not only get your sweet fix, but the high-quality cannabis you deserve. Shopping KIVA is the best of both worlds for cannabis lovers that also enjoy their sweets. With its controlled dosing of cannabis, KIVA chocolate bars are built with you in mind. Enjoy an effective, delicious product made using all-natural ingredients held to the highest of standards in the cannabis industry today.

Five Star Experience

HERB is dedicated to providing you with a five-star experience every time you shop with us online. Our customers are at the core of what we do. It’s about more than providing you quality cannabis, we want to provide a quality experience. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service. HERB Customer Service will personally help you and make sure that you’re pleased with your experience. Buy KIVA bars online now for a first-rate experience!

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