Our cannabis drinks include deliciously flavored tonics, seltzers, hi-fi hops, teas and more! We offer marijuana infused drinks to suit any lifestyle: vegan, gluten-free, low calorie and organic. Made with only the best ingredients, these drinks are revitalizing, enjoyable and safe. Our cannabis drinks are a great substitute for alcohol without any of the downsides. At HERB, we’re dedicated to providing a five-star experience and the best quality cannabis drinks California has to offer.

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Positivi-tea (H) Ten Pack
$44.00·Approx. 10mg THC + 5mg CBD per Tea Bag
Sensuali-tea (H) Ten Pack
$44.00·Approx. 7mg THC per Tea Bag
Tranquili-tea (I) Ten Pack
$44.00·Approx. 3mg THC + 5mg CBN per Tea Bag
Positivi-tea (H) Single
$6.00· 10mg THC + 5mg CBD
Sensuali-tea (H) Single
$6.00·Approx. 7mg THC
Sympa-tea (H) Single
$6.00·Approx. 3mg THC + 20mg CBD
Tranquili-tea (I) Single Bag
$6.00·Approx. 3mg THC + 5mg CBN

Naturally Flavored

Explore the world of cannabis drinks designed specifically for your satisfaction. Our wide product line offers the ultimate experience–from tasty, to fruity, to calming. Enjoy all the effects without concerns of over-consuming. Our cannabis drinks offer a variety of benefits which are healthy, refreshing, naturally flavored and low in calories. Our goal is to stock only the best marijuana infused drinks from California’s top cannabis producers, offering them at fair prices to the discerning consumer.

Guaranteed Delivery

Enjoy the best cannabis drinks and other curated products from HERB at competitive prices. Find out why we’re the best cannabis delivery company in Los Angeles. With over seven years experience in the industry, we believe our cannabis consumers deserve better. We have low delivery minimums and guaranteed delivery within the hour. Order some of our marijuana infused drinks and experience the HERB Promise for yourself!

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