Most cannabis users know about the health benefits of this plant, from easing pain to inducing sleep. However, the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis remain only slightly explored. While it is true that cannabis can calm you down, ‌the right dosage and concentration of cannabis compounds can also stimulate you. Wondering whether you should use indica or sativa cannabis strains for sexual pleasure and arousal? We have curated a vast selection of sativa and sativa-dominant intimacy products, so order now and we’ll see you in less than an hour!

How Can Cannabis Strains for Sex Help?

Several studies and surveys of people who have used cannabis strains and products for sex have reported how cannabis helped them relax, heightened their sensitivity to touch, and increased the intensity of feelings, thus enhancing their sexual experience. Plus, THC activates the cannabinoid receptors, which release dopamine, a chemical linked to our reward system, which can increase pleasure.

At HERB, we offer either indica or sativa cannabis products for arousal, so you can keep up or chill out for the perfect experience. Shop our cannabis for intimacy collection now!

Cannabis Delivery in California

As a cannabis delivery service with over eight years of experience under our belt, we can surely extend some below the belt help for you and your partner. Our premium quality products can get your sexual engine roaring in no time. But beyond that, you also have our exemplary customer service to rely upon, whenever in need of some help to relax into a sexy situation.

If you have never used cannabis products or strains for sex and are feeling unsure about your purchase, our return and refund policy has you covered. Don’t wait any longer, order today!