Missed Delivery Policy

Once our delivery driver has notified you of their arrival at your location, you have a 5 minute window to complete your delivery. If we have not been able to reach you and complete your order within the 5 minute window, we reserve the right to move onto our next delivery. Your order will then be subject to a $5.99 re-delivery fee. We also reserve the right to charge you a re-delivery fee if you contact us to reschedule your delivery after the delivery driver is on their way to your location.

Adherence to this policy helps us achieve faster average delivery times for you and the rest of our membership. Fret not, we will call, text, and do everything else possible to complete your delivery before moving on. You will be able to track your delivery via both the 'order submitted' screen in your web browser as well as via the live GPS tracking link we send via SMS when our driver is on their way to your order.

Please also make sure to have your phone nearby during your delivery window so you don't miss us! Thanks in advance for being ready and waiting for your delivery!