By now, everyone has heard of CBD, but what about CBN? This cannabinoid is created when THC oxidizes and can relieve mild pain from several chronic conditions. HERB offers high quality CBN for sale which can be a great sleep aid and provides gentler psychoactive effects than THC. If you’re looking for a mild, relaxing high that can supply excellent sleep benefits, get these effectively tasty supplements delivered to your doorstep when you buy CBN online from HERB. Start your journey towards better sleep and utilize HERB for CBN delivery in Los Angeles today!

Wyld - Elderberry Gummies (I) (100mg THC + 50mg CBN)
Elderberry Gummies (I)
$22.00·100mg THC + 50mg CBN
Breez Berry Nighttime Mints New Tin
Berry Nighttime Mints (I)
$25.00·90mg THC + 60mg CBD + 30mg CBN
Petra Mints - Blackberry CBN
50% OFF  
Blackberry CBN Mints (I)
$22.00 $11.00·80mg THC + 40mg CBN
Care by Design
Rest - Peach Chamomile - Fruit Chews
$16.00·60mg THC + 120mg CBD + 60mg CBN
Level - Protab+ Lights Out Tablets- blue box
Protab+ Lights Out Tablets (I)
$26.00·Approx. 200 mg delta-9 THC, 50 mg CBN, 50 mg delta-8 THC, 20 mg THCa, and 20 mg CBG
verdure sleep softgels
Sleep Softgels
$58.00·300 mg THC + 300mg CBN + 300mg CBD

The Perfect Sleep Aid

If you’re looking for something to help you calm down after a hard day, look no further! HERB offers high quality CBN for sale which acts as the perfect sleep aid and relaxing supplement after a long day at the office, or on the couch. There is no need to leave the comfort of your own home when looking for the optimal de-stressing agent. When you buy CBN online with HERB for the first time, enjoy a discount on us! Feel relaxed tonight, and wake up tomorrow on the right side of the bed every time.

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