Batteries + Devices

Our batteries and devices are sourced and manufactured with unique features and durable materials. We offer same day vape delivery along with vape batteries for sale throughout Los Angeles. We’re dedicated to providing a five-star experience, with an emphasis on superior customer service and satisfaction. That’s why the brands we offer are safe and state of the art.

$0.01·One Battery with USB charger
$15.00·One Battery with USB charger
$20.00·One Battery with USB charger
$20.00·One Battery with USB Charging Cable (Pod Not Included)
$25.00·One Device

Same Day Vape Delivery

Need a rechargeable battery for your vape device? At HERB, we offer same day delivery on all vape products for sale including batteries. We have a list of pre-approved delivery zones but if you find yourself outside of those zones, feel free to give us a call at (844) 437 2213. We’ll see what we can do to take care of you. Every person on the team, including our drivers, are direct employees. There are no third parties involved, so you’re sure to get excellent service.

The HERB Community

When you shop with HERB, you’re not just choosing same day delivery for your vapes and other products, you’re choosing to give back. As part of our Get and Give Program, we reinvest part of our monthly gross income back into the community. We use these funds to create hand crafted, monthly care packages containing medical cannabis and related items. Call us at (844) 437 2213 to find out more about this initiative.