Pure Beauty - White Box (High CBD) Mini Pre-Rolls (10 Rolls - 1/8oz)
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  • Fun-sized and ready to go, Pure Beauty's CBD Babies are perfectly portable prerolls filled with relieving, high quality CBD flower. With a sweet, lemony, piney aroma and taste, these Babies make for an overall calming effect. Pass them out at the party or keep them all to yourself. Each box of babies contains an eighth of whole flower rolled into 10 mini joints. Contains 10 prerolls and 3.5g total - packaged in a PLA bag made from plant starch.

$40.00·10 Mini Rolls / 3.5 Grams
Pure Beauty
Blend: 45% Terry T, 30% Terry T x Gelato 33, 25% Omrita Hash Stomp
Small square box with 10 mini cone shaped pre-rolls
Earth, Pine, Skunk
Relaxing, Calming, Clear
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

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