Jetty Extracts - Super Glue (H) Unrefined Live Resin Dablicator (1 Gram)
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  • Cookie Frost Dablicator (SH)

  • A delectable cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Pleasantly sweet and spicy, with a hint of orange. May encourage a midnight snack. JETTY UNREFINED is 100% live resin that’s uncut and never mixed with distillate. Their premium fresh-frozen cannabis is cryoextracted with minimal processing to preserve more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant compounds for a true flower high. Dose up a joint. Direct dab without any tools. Add to flower. However you use it, the Jetty Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is a better way to dispense oil.

$38.00·One Gram of Unrefined Live Resin
Hybrid; Girl Scout Cookies x Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Jetty Extracts | Learn more at www.jettyextracts.com
Dablicator - Metal Tipped Oil Dispensing Device
1 gram (1000mg)
Sweet, Spice, Orange
Balanced, Creative, Uplifting
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals
Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Derived Terpenes
License #:

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