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  • AGS pre-rolls are sustainably grown, artisanal whole flower joints finished in 100% organic hemp paper. Perfect for recreation and relaxation and sure to leave you in a golden state of mind.

    Sail across a sea of stars, the scent of pine softly wafting from the shore. Painted with deep purple and blue hues, this bold OG indica offers a powerfully psychoactive high—creativity soaring as reality’s confines crumble, giving way to transcendent inspiration. Limbs soften, tension fades, and the day’s troubles evaporate in earthy plumes of smoke. 

$30.00·5 Mini Pre-Rolls / 1.5 Grams
A Golden State | Learn more at www.agoldenstate.com
Indica Dominant; Purple OG Kush Phenotype
Pine, Sweet, Diesel
Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Pinene, Humulene
Productive, Uplifting, Creative
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

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$60.00·3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce)
$60.00·3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce)
$60.00·3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce)

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