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  • Whether it’s Dawn or Dusk, get ready to take these award-winning, curated strain sets anywhere. This indica-dominant Dusk set is a whole flower pre-roll pack catering to all types of cannabis users, containing three carefully selected strains— Night Sky, Silver Cloud and Mountain Shadows. Each set also includes AGS's very own handmade hemp wick, a clean alternative to butane lighters, allowing for a more flavorful and natural smoking experience. 

    Each preroll's strain is labeled in small print on the mouth-end of the joint. 

$60.00·5 Pre-Rolls / 3.5 Grams
Out of Stock
Indica Dominant Strains: Night Sky, Silver Cloud, & Moutain Shadows
A Golden State | Learn more at www.agoldenstate.com
Lavender Marble Outer Box with a white tin with 5 cone shaped prerolls with hemp wick.
Relaxing, Euphoric, Body-High
Indoor; Shasta County
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

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