How To Be a Responsible Parent When Using Cannabis

Being a parent is making many hard choices every day. Parents need to make a good example for children to grow up. And this is a heavy responsibility to take up! Our choices, habits, and attitude influence our child. Hence we must pay attention to every little step we take in a day. But as an individual making a few choices for our personal well being and happiness also needs to take the front seat in life. Today when we look around we observe that so many people are discussing cannabis. Unlike our previous generation which could rule out this plant as a drug, parents of the current generation are in a transitional phase. Cannabis is slowly becoming a medication to treat various ailments. It is also a plant with various health benefits. People across the world are interested in experiencing the effects of this amazing plant. This plant could embed into our everyday lives soon. A study states that about 55% of total American adults consume marijuana. This means the chances of being a marijuana consuming parent are very high!

Matching the phase of growth in marijuana with your parenting is important to ensure you are a responsible user. While a responsible stoner might sound like an oxymoron, it is important to remember that it is very much possible.

Accept it is okay to consume marijuana:

Although the scientific community has been welcoming marijuana with open arms, the social stigma around the same is yet to vanish completely. So it is natural for your friends and families to guilt you into believing you are an irresponsible parent for trying or consuming marijuana. Other parents might prevent sending their children to your homes or even interacting with you. In this case, of course, it is your choice to pick your priorities. If you feel you can be a responsible parent, then do not let their judgments or decisions affect you or your kids.

Know the right and wrong times and places:

As a responsible parent, you will have rules for alcohol at home, at social gatherings as well as while with other parents. Such rules are also appropriate for the use of marijuana. You must know the right and wrong situations to drink and most of them apply to marijuana too. Drinking and driving to your kid's school is not okay. And hence the same goes for marijuana too. If a quiet afternoon with your pals in your portico is appropriate for a glass of wine, then some budget buds from a well known online dispensary Canada can be good too.

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Keep your priority in mind:

Remember as a parent it is important to put the safety and well-being of your children first. If you feel like you are beginning to neglect your child's needs while high, then it is time to quit. But as long as you have your priorities straight taking some time off to enjoy with cannabis won’t be bad. Keep a responsible adult to attend to your child if you plan to get high.

A strict no in front of the kids:

Communicating with your child is important in parenting. Exposing your kids to marijuana at a young age or placing yourself in situations which might trigger their curiosity is irresponsible. Don’t put yourself in situations where you might have to give “the talk” to your children much earlier than expected. This could be difficult especially for medical marijuana users. Try to avoid using cannabis in front of your kids in all situations. It is natural for kids to want to know about cannabis if they spot you using it. By stopping or refusing to answer their questions you only make them more curious to try. So be careful about your actions in front of your kids.

Keep your home clean:

Your stash should be a secret until you have a talk with your kids. Your stuff has to be inaccessible to your kids for their own safety. It is okay to enjoy a nice puff at home but remember to clean up after. Keep your home stench free as this might not be good for your children. It could cause headaches and discomfort in kids and hence be very careful about clearing the odor.

While you do not have to accept cannabis as your dirty secret, it is also not okay to leave your vaporizers or other equipment lying around which raises a question in children. Keep a separate place to store vape pens and all other things. Choose a personalized space rather than a common area.

Plan and focus on the events:

You can't walk into your kids PTA stoned. All engagements and activities linked to your child should be a priority as a parent and do not let this thought leave your mind. If you feel like enjoying some cannabis then make sure you do not have any activities lined up immediately.

Have the talk:

Discuss with your partner and decide on an appropriate age when you can discuss cannabis with your children. It is also an important step as a parent to let your children understand and accept that marijuana can be a part of your life. Leaving them in the dark is not a good idea. By teenage, the chances of your children being aware of marijuana are very high. But having an open discussion at home gives space for them to be honest with you. This way you can ensure they also become responsible adults.

Beware of overuse:

Of course, you can use marijuana to relax or to treat your ailments. But if it is possible that you are overusing cannabis and you begin to oversee this happening then take help. Parents often tend to blame this on the stress of parenthood. But one cannot justify overuse for any reason. Always keep your partner in your journey with marijuana to ensure you get a sign when you need to take a step backward. As a couple, you can also ensure your child's safety and happiness this way.

About the author: Jessica has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes an interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.

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