Foods That Enhance Your High

As a result of the ever expanding cannabis legalization and increase in cannabis research, more and more details about how marijuana reacts with our anatomy is becoming widely available! Sometimes these studies can be a lot to digest, so today we decided to simplify and highlight some foods that can enhance your session.

Thanks to the awesome staff and author Jen Keehn at Wikileaf, they put us on to 7 common and delicious foods to increase your high. Check out the full article at Wikileaf here.

From Wikileaf:


Top of the list and totally delicious are mangoes. The effects mangoes have on marijuana all come down to the high myrcene content naturally present within them. Just like cannabis, some foods are naturally abundant in certain terpenes. Myrcene just so happens to be particularly fond of THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you high), binding to THC receptors in the brain.

Eating a mango about 30 minutes to an hour before you smoke that blunt, bowl, joint, or dab can not only increase your high, but make it come on faster and last longer. Mangoes are also incredibly healthy. They’re known to prevent cancer, alkalize the entire body, lower cholesterol, clear skin, and boost the immune system. All the more reason to munch on a mango before you light up. Maybe a morning mango smoothie for your next wake and bake sesh?

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known to be one of the top mood-boosting foods that exist. This is because these tasty gems are high in vitamins E and B which help produce serotonin in the brain. While some strains of weed can make you more melancholy, there are also those strains that are known to boost mood and bring on a satisfying sense of euphoria. Jack Herer is one of them and would pair perfectly with some roasted sweet potatoes topped with goat cheese or feta. If you’re smoking weed to treat depression, sweet potatoes can help increase the good mood marijuana offers.


Weed and broccoli already look strikingly similar, so it should come as no surprise that the two make a perfect pair. If you’re someone who consumes cannabis for pain relief, broccoli can help. It all comes down to the beta-caryophyllene content that is naturally abundant in broccoli. It works directly with the cannabinoid receptors that reduce pain and inflammation. Eating a few ounces of broccoli before you medicate with Mary Jane can enhance the pain-relieving properties of the strain you’re smoking. ACDC, a high CBD strain, is one of the strongest pain-relieving strains there is, and pairing it with a bit of steamed, sautéed, or roasted broccoli can offer even more relief.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest “foods” in the world. High in antioxidants, it can help protect from free radical damage and keep you healthy af. It also protects the heart, promotes bone health, helps prevent lung cancer, and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It is also high in catechin, an antioxidant that has a particular affinity with CB1 receptors in the brain. When combined with cannabis, green tea can increase the feeling of peace and relaxation. Next time you light up, make sure you do so with a big ol’ cup of green tea and you can improve your mood and release any lingering stress. Don’t like green tea? Black tea is also high in catechin, making it the perfect alternative to enhance your high.


If you’re someone who prefers edibles over smoking cannabis, consuming nuts high in omega-3s can speed up the effects you feel. Edibles typically take a while to kick in, but healthy omega-3s make the process faster by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. In turn, this helps the marijuana present in your edible to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Not only does this decrease the time it takes to feel the effects but can also make your high last longer.


The terpene profile of certain herbs can also help enhance your high. The terpene pinene is naturally present in herbs like sage and thyme and is known to open up passages in the lungs.

This increases cannabinoid absorption that allows cannabis to pass through the blood brain barrier more quickly. This will make your high come on faster and increase the time it lasts.

Other herbs can help counteract anxiety and depression. Whether you’re consuming cannabis for this purpose or consumed a strain that increased your anxiety and paranoia, foods high in the terpene limonene can help reduce any anxiety, stress, or depression you might be feeling.

Lemongrass, lemon basil, and lemon thyme are all high in limonene. Speaking of getting too high, black pepper can also bring you back down. If you can’t stomach chewing on a peppercorn or two, just a few whiffs of black pepper will almost instantly counteract any cannabis-induced anxiety you might be feeling.


Chocolate has long been known to improve mood and elicit feelings of euphoria. Ever wonder why, though? As it turns out, chocolate is high in anandamide, the same chemical compound found in cannabis that is known to produce those fabulous feelings of euphoria. Discovered in 1992, anandamide was the first endocannabinoid isolated in the human brain. The researchers who discovered it named it anandamide after the Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss.

Consuming chocolate and cannabis together can help activate receptors in the brain that make you feel euphoric. If you’re into edibles, this can make those brownies even more special. If smoking weed is more your thing, chow down on a few ounces of dark chocolate before you partake, and you’ll be blissfully baked.

References and Information from Wikileaf.

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