Tips to Safely Dose and Enjoy Cannabis Edibles

The days of homemade edibles where you had no idea of the dose or potency of what you’re about to eat are largely over, at least in states who have legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis. With legalization comes standardization and regulation, and that is a good thing for cannabis edibles. Having precisely measured doses makes it easier to know how much you’re ingesting.

If you are new to edibles and want to try them safely, we’ve got you. Read on for some tips on how to safely dose and enjoy cannabis edibles.

Read the Package Dosing Guidelines Carefully

Like with any medication, you want to know how much you are taking. A “standard dose” of a cannabis edible is considered to be 10mg. However, edibles are often found in standard dosing intervals beginning at about 5mg and going up to 100mg. Veteran consumers may need more than 10mg, but a newbie might need much less. Start with 5mg or ½ of a standard 10mg dose for your first time with edibles, for reasons you’ll read below. If necessary, you can always take the other half of the dose in a couple of hours.

Consider Your Tolerance

Even if you’re experienced with smoking cannabis or using a vape mod to consume cannabis, edibles are a little different. If you are completely new to cannabis, starting with a small dose is a good idea. Especially if you are unsure of how your body will react to cannabis, and at least until you have a good idea of your THC-tolerance. Overdoing it can lead to anxiety and paranoia. Having an underwhelming experience is better than a bad, overwhelming one.

Exercise Patience and Restraint

If you are new to edibles but have smoked or vaporized cannabis in the past, patience and restraint are key. Vaporizing or smoking cannabis means that the effects kick in quickly, often within minutes. By contrast, edibles must work their way through your digestive system and take longer. They will also hit harder and last longer due to the way digested cannabis is processed. Remember, it is possible to experience an overdose of cannabis, though it is almost impossible for the overdose to be fatal.

Consider the Contents of Your Stomach

While you can consume cannabis edibles on an empty stomach, it is not recommended. If you do, it will likely kick in faster. Most experts recommend treating cannabis edibles like you would a prescription pain reliever or antibiotic. Take the edible with another snack or food. Reconsider mixing cannabis and alcohol as alcohol can magnify the effects of cannabis.

Go Somewhere Comfortable

If it’s is your first time ever trying cannabis, you will want to be in a comfortable setting like home or among friends. Be sure it is somewhere you’re comfortable and welcome staying for a while. Because cannabis edibles take longer to kick in and can last for hours, you will want to be somewhere your welcome won’t run out quickly.

Different Edibles, Different Experiences

You might react better to a cannabis-infused gummy while a friend might get a better experience by nomming on some cannabis-infused chocolate. Like someone finding which strain of cannabis works best for them, figuring out which edible provides you with the best experience can take some trial and error.

Expect a Different and More Intense High

Even someone who consumes cannabis regularly either through smoking or a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrate via a vape mod can find themselves a lightweight when it comes to edibles. When digested rather than absorbed through the lungs, THC is converted into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. This is why people often explain that the high from an edible is more intense than that of smoked or vaporized cannabis.

If you follow these guidelines, whether new to cannabis or an old pro that just wants to try edibles, you should have a safe and chill experience, just make sure your state laws are OK with recreational use of cannabis unless you have a medical card.

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