THC Design - XJ-13 (S) - (1 Gram)


    Genetics: Sativa; Jack Herer x G13 Haze

    Brand: THC Design | Learn more at www.thcdesign.com

    Appearance: Light Green Buds, Amber Pistils, Medium-Sized Buds

    Aroma: Pine, Citrus, Spicy

    Effect: Energizing, Euphoric, Creative

    Cultivation Method: Indoor, Los Angeles County

    Lab Results: THC: 22.66%, CBD: 0.00%; Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

    Notes: XJ-13 is a sativa dominant strain with clear, uplifting cerebral effects that are great for creativity and conversation. Those seeking relief from stress, fatigue, and pain may benefit.


    * Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance. C10-0000461-LIC - California Patients Alliance, Inc