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    Purple City Genetics - Orange Kush (H) (3 Seeds)


    Genetics: Hybrid; Sweet Kush x Orange Syrup

    Brand: Purple City Genetics | Learn more at www.purplecitygenetics.com

    Seed Type: Autoflower; Feminized

    Finish Time: 60–70 days from sprout

    Aroma: Orange, Sweet, Fruity

    Effect: Balanced, Calming, Euphoric

    Notes: Purple City Genetics is known for their high quality breeding projects. The specific genetics in autoflowering cannabis seeds lead to plants that mature quickly without the need to modify light cycles. Choosing feminized seeds ensures every plant is a flower producing female. This eliminates the need for sexing, and the possibility of seeding a crop with male pollen—optimizing for the grower’s space and time.


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