• Old Pal - Pinot Noir ( I ) 1/8 Ounce


    Genetics: Indica-Dominant Hybrid; Hawaiian Purple Kush x Pitbull

    Brand: Old Pal | Learn more at www.oldpal.com

    Appearance: Amber Pistils and Green/Purple Hues

    Aroma: Sweet, Nutty, Pine

    Effect: Euphoric, Balanced, Relaxed

    Cultivation Method: Sungrown

    Lab Results: THC: 20.8%, CBD: 0.09%; Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

    Notes: We really enjoyed this batch of Pinot Noir. This cultivar originated in Oregon and grows fantasically in the Emerald Triangle. The aroma was deep and complex and the effect was very pleasant and uplifting despite the indica genetics.


    * Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance.


    C10-0000461-LIC - California Patients Alliance, Inc