• GRAV decided to give you several options with this 7" pipe. This versatile glass pipe can function as an inconspicuous hand pipe but also reformats just as easily to be a one hitter and standing glass bubbler pipe. As a hand pipe, you can use it as a traditional spoon pipe or a stealthy one-hitter. No matter which route you go with it, this easy-to-handle pipe with a comfortable grip delivers some serious smoke. As with other GRAV Labs products, this multi-use pipe is crafted from high quality borosilicate right here in the U.S.A.


    • Length: 7" inches
    • Material: Glass
    • Style: Multi Pipe
    • Type: Hand pipe / Bubbler
    • Color: Clear




    *HERB will offset all taxation on non-cannabis infused accessories to charge only 10%, the CA State Sales Tax. Taxation value will change upon order confirmation.

    Helix Multi Pipe 7"