Chemistry - AC/DC (High CBD) Cartridge (1/2 Gram)

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    Brand: Chemistry | Learn more at trychemistry.com

    Type: Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil Cartridge

    Strain: AC/DC; Cannatonic lineage

    Effect: Relief, Relaxing, Calming

    Potency: THC: 3.7%, CBD: 65.5%

    Ingredients: Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil, Steam-Distilled Terpenes

    Notes: AC/DC is a CBD dominant strain that produces little to no psychoactive effects.  Customers who choose this strain will enjoy a relaxing effect that will ease ailments like chronic pain and anxiety. It can even help to alleviate epilepsy and the negative effects of chemotherapy.


    *Individual batch testing on products may vary.

    *The manufacturer recommends that this cartridge is paired with their battery for optimal performance. Please note, HERB cannot guarantee this cartridge will function properly with a battery from a different manufacturer.