Pasadena Cannabis Delivery

Experience Pasadena cannabis delivery like never before. At HERB, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the best cannabis products in California. Our selection is carefully sourced from some of the top brands in the industry, so you’re getting premium products at a not-so-premium price. Order now and our team of in-house drivers will have your delivery to you within the hour.

High-Quality Cannabis Products

Here at HERB, we have everything you need to enjoy a top-tier Pasadena dispensary delivery experience. If you’re new to cannabis, learn more about the cannabis plant by reading our informative blog or getting in touch with our team. From there, you can explore a wide range of products curated by cannabinoids, effects, and more. We source our cannabis from some of the finest producers in the state, so you know you’re getting top quality every time.

No-Stress Delivery

We go above and beyond to get your orders out and delivered fast. Our drivers are in-house employees—not contractors—and they share the same mission and values that define what we do. Above all, our goal is to make Pasadena cannabis dispensary delivery more accessible than ever. Our loyalty program makes it easy to start saving with us, while our discount program and Get & Give initiative help us give back to community members in need. Sign up and experience the HERB promise for yourself!