Cannabis Bioavailability

The bioavailability of cannabis interaction with the human anatomy can vary dependent upon the method of consumption. Read on for a beginnin

What To Do When You Get Too High!

There are a number of ways, and number of funny stories I've heard, about folks getting too high. And while stoner paranoia becomes some

420: The Origin Story

Though most of us know and partake in it, 420 is a reference to cannabis friendly persons, things and ideas--more so it's code for, &quo

Confusion About CBD Sales

CBD products are spreading like wildfire across the nation since the passing of the Farm Bill Act of 2018. But even with the rescheduling of

A History of Cannabis

In preparation of the international and notorious 4/20 cannabis 'holiday' later this month, we decided a nice primer might be taking

Foods That Enhance Your High

As a result of the ever expanding cannabis legalization and increase in cannabis research, more and more details about how marijuana reacts with our anatomy is becoming widely available! Sometimes these studies can be a lot to digest, so today we decided to simplify and highlight some foods that can enhance your session. Thanks to the awesome staff and author Jen Keehn at Wikileaf, they put us on to 7 common and delicious foods to increase your high. Check out the full article at Wikileaf here. From Wikileaf: Mangoes Top of the list and totally delicious are mangoes. The effects mangoes have on marijuana all come down to the high myrcene content naturally present within them. Just like canna

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