Update: Legal vs. Unlicensed LA Dispensaries

"Untaxed, untested and potentially unsafe," are some words to describe the provisions of LA's underground pot shops. We see the word potentially in there and would like to note that during the SB420 and Prop 215 medical program days in CA, many of the regulatory factors were voluntary (yes, lab testing was voluntary until 2018 in CA!).

For HERB, we were lab testing from the beginning, as we see any information about making a decision about health and wellness as valuable for our members--plus we're consumers too, and we're all putting this in our bodies! (Also, we are regulated and licensed to serve, just to put that out there!)

According to KTLA, this week the Southern California Coalition submitted a letter to LA city officials suggesting local authorities increase their enforcement on unlicensed dispensaries. For licensed operators who have jumped through the state’s complicated hoops and paid huge fees to sell weed legally, the letter to LA city officials argued that they simply “cannot compete with illicit operators.”

Zach Harris from Merry Jane explains, "Since the illicit pot shops are not under the purview of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the businesses do not require products to be tested for pesticides, other contaminants, or potency, and do not adhere to state dosage and packaging standards. Without those cost-intensive expenditures, and with no sales tax on the black market, unregulated dispensaries are able to significantly undercut pricing at legal shops."

On Monday, the SCC suggested seizure of cannabis products and cash, along with placing tax liens on unlicensed dispensaries.

Read the full article at Merry Jane, here.

Information courtesy of Merry Jane, KTLA.

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