What To Do When You Get Too High!

We've all been there. Edible consumption overload. Smoked too much and coughed your brains out--then lights out. Maybe you didn't take that THC tincture very seriously. Cannabis can relieve anxiety as much as it can induce anxiety. Once my dad came to visit in LA and while here I gifted him a joint. He's smoked in Jamaica, but never really got into the plant like I did. Long story short I had to help calm the intense high he experienced from that singular Blue Dream pre-roll.

There are a number of ways, and number of funny stories I've heard, about folks getting too high. And while stoner paranoia becomes something of the past with the discovery of cannabis interaction, it still exists. Especially newbies. So what can you do if you get too high?

1. Don't Freak Out

This works in a similar way that morning positive affirmations do. Keep calm. Reality is perception. Give it some time and all bad things will pass. (Not to say that you shouldn't take action in life to make change--rather the overwhelming high you might be experiencing). Also, keep in mind that there have been no fatal overdoses from cannabis consumption.

2. Hydrate and Have a Snack

Don't forget to hydrate! I tell myself this everyday whether I'm stoned or not. Water is life, and hey, maybe it will bring some life back into you when you're experiencing those feelings of grogginess. Stay away from sugar and caffeine, and definitely alcohol. Sugar and caffeine can add to a headache or 'cotton mouth.' Alcohol can increase THC blood concentrations.

Also, munchies. Enough said.

3. Sniff or Chew on Black Pepper

This one is a bit more in line with terpene interactions, as black pepper contains beta-caryophyllene, a common terpene found in the cannabis plant itself that has a relaxing effect. Anyways, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, paranoid or anxious (from your cannabis induced high or not) try chewing on or sniffing on raw black pepper. Please note: I wouldn't swallow it though! Please also note that this is more of an 'old wive's tale' with not much scientific support...

4. Go for a Walk

Sometimes getting a fresh perspective from mother nature can pull you back up into reality. Just don't go too far from home--it might turn into one of those stoner adventure movies like Harold & Kumar.

5. Take a Bath

Always a pleasant option for optimal relaxation. You could even infuse it with lavender bath salts to help tone down that anxiety.

6. Get Some Sleep

Rest rules all. And you might have some trippy dreams, bro. (Though you might not remember them.) If you find your mind racing, try some simple stretches and take some deep breaths, then lay down or lounge and focus on steady, calm breathing.

Information referenced from Leafly.

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