Don't Canoe That Joint!

Perhaps you've heard of the term, 'canoeing a joint.' For those of you that don't know--it's when one side of a joint (pre-rolled form of cannabis flower), burns unevenly on one side, (or rather, it burns more on one side than the other). This makes for a less than ideal smoking experience and many feel a waste of weed and/or money!

Therefore, we figured we'd share some tips to keep your joints from canoeing. You know, just in case you want to impress that one family member around the holidays.

Don't Canoe That Joint: Tips for an Even Roll

Grind it up!

Maybe you're on the go--on the way to grandmothers house for the holidays and forgot to grind up your high grade cannabis flower. We've been there, with the end result of a lumpy weed sack that almost passes for a joint. That tendency can be avoided with grinding your cannabis prior to rolling. Forgot about the scissors or fingers!

Using a nice grinder provides the roll with what I'll call a consistent plant material volume. This decreases the amount of air pockets in the joint when rolled. It also allows the roller to 'tamp' or 'pack' the joint without over-or-under filling the roll.

Practice makes perfect! Like learning a new language or playing the guitar, practice makes perfect when rolling one up. Rolling a joint too tightly or too loosely can both lead to canoeing. (Sometimes if it's ultra tight, you won't get any airflow!) Therefore, it's in your best interest to refine and master your technique! Think of the story of Goldilocks--not too loose, not too tight, but just right.

Know Your Papers.

Another great tip is to buy high quality rolling papers – they offer a better taste, a more even burn, and they come in different sizes for your choosing (which helps you find the size you’re most comfortable with). We're big fans of RAW, which are made from hemp, and all natural! Check out their RAW Organic papers as well--the world's first organic and vegan rolling paper.

Wikileaf makes a great suggestion, "If the above doesn’t solve the problem, consider changing up how you roll. Back rolling is one option – some people actually prefer this method, believing an inside-out smoke burns slower, offers more evenness and doesn’t use as much paper. This helps your joint taste more like it’s supposed to and less like cardboard."

Get Lit.

Your lighter can be both your friend, and enemy when it comes to canoed joints. Using highly aware joint lighting techniques play a bigger part than most people think. When you are first lighting that beautiful roll of bud, rotate the joint. No need for deep breaths right away--if one breath is deeper than the other, you may cause one side to light up with a bit more flare. Try to go for a nice, circular ember on the tip of your joint.

Lighting up in a hurry can decrease the effectiveness of the aforementioned technique--so slow down, relax and enjoy your HERB!

Author Credits: Mike loves the beach. His favorite things to write about are cannabis and how it relates to mental health. His favorite group to donate time and money to is the Alzheimers Association.

Information referenced from Wikileaf.

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