Congress Passes Farm Bill to Legalize Hemp

Each and every day awareness spreads and we get one step closer to fulfilling the cannabis plant's potential for health and wellness for all, through research, funding and safe access! This past Wednesday, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, including a rescheduling of industrial hemp--or cannabis with very low levels of THC.

For a long while, hemp has been illegal to sell or grow in the US, although it’s legal to buy from international sources. Hemp is commonly used for rope, rugs and other textile products--now with the passage of this bill and hope of POTUS approving/signing it next week, we hope to see job growth and more awareness of the benefits of using hemp. For us, we're excited to see that CBD products will be more accessible across the nation.

Read the following selection from Vox about the good news for your weekend:

"CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of marijuana, has become a popular ingredient lately. Proponents claim it can soothe anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia without getting consumers high, and you can now find it in everything from moisturizers, lattes, and vitamins to cookies, gummies, teas, beer, ice cream, massage oils, and dog treats.

And CBD just got a big boost thanks to US lawmakers. On Wednesday, Congress voted to pass the US Farm Bill, legalizing hemp, a species of cannabis that CBD can be extracted from but that isn’t psychoactive.

Historically, hemp has been illegal to sell or grow in the US, although it’s legal to buy from international sources. Hemp has commonly been used as a material for carpets and sweaters — it’s the main material of Baja hoodies, those textured pullovers dubbed “drug rugs” and typically associated with stoners.

With hemp’s legalization, CBD is bound to become even more visible. Its legal status remains unclear — the Drug Enforcement Administration classifies CBD as illegal, although it doesn’t go after anyone using or possessing it, and it hasn’t said if it will reclassify CBD now that hemp is legal. But regardless, the passage of the farm bill has big implications for the burgeoning CBD industry."

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