Support Your Veterans!

In observance of Veterans Day, all of us at HERB would like to give a big thank you to anyone who has served in the armed forces!

A big part of why we do, what we do, is to provide safe access to all cannabis consumers. This includes relief with cannabis from many ailments both mental and physical. This also includes veterans! If you've served the armed forces or are actively serving in the United States military--visit this page to see what we can do for you!

Otherwise, if you'd like to lend a hand to your fellow veterans, check out the groups below to donate your time or money, to their cause.

Veterans Cannabis Project Created by U.S. Navy Seal Nick Etten, the Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP) is exactly what it sounds like: an organization dedicated to improving veterans’ quality of life through safe and legal cannabis access. VCP empowers veterans to live healthy, fulfilling lives, while advocating on their behalf for unrestricted and supported access to medical cannabis through the VA. The folks over at VCP also believe that the cannabis industry is uniquely positioned to help unemployed veterans secure successful and fulfilling work.

Weed for Warriors Project The Weed for Warriors Project provides veterans with safe and legal access to free cannabis. (Though proof of service and a current medical recommendation are required.) Weed for Warriors also provides veterans with information about medical cannabis and a safe place to fellowship with other veterans.

Hero Grown Founded in 2014 as Grow for Vets, Hero Grown is nationally recognized as one of the leading organizations fighting for veterans’ right to use cannabis. Hero Grown strives to raise awareness, advocate, and assist veterans, first responders and their families with the use of cannabis as a safe alternative to prescription drugs. Amazingly, Hero Grown has given away over two million dollars’ worth of cannabis products to veterans since its inception.

Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance The Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance has been providing veterans with safe and legal access to high-quality, lab-tested cannabis since 2011. The organization also aims to be a community for veterans to reach out to one another and share their experiences. Additionally, SCVA advocates the health benefits of cannabis and focuses on how to better address issues of pharmaceutical dependence, such as depression, anxiety, anger, and PTSD.

I bet this one was a surprise! But just so you know, by using our services you are directly helping any veteran or person enrolled in our Get and Give program. Each month, we reinvest last month's earnings into care packages for medical marijuana patients (veterans inlcuded!) every month. The products put a focus on high CBD and other neutral cannabinoids associated with relief from really gnarly ailments.

- Much love, respect and appreciation from all of us at HERB! -

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