Alcohol vs. Cannabis

When reading the title of this post, long time canna-fans (my endearing term for cannabis users) may think the question of alcohol versus cannabis when it comes to our health, is obvious.

However, with all states in America treating alcohol as a typical adult indulgence, and many treating cannabis as a criminal offence, the message our governments are sending is that alcohol is less harmful for us humans to ingest. Many canna-haters think that with the legality of cannabis being so complicated that it must be more harmful than the widely legal alcohol products out there. So, I decided to compile some scientific facts and personal experiences in order to lay out the truth of alcohol versus weed.

If there’s one thing most people have in common, it’s the desire to NOT die. So which substance causes less deaths? It would have to be the one that’s legal…right?

Alcohol causes around 88,000 deaths per year in the united states. It is important to note that this doesn’t exactly mean 88,000 alcohol poisoning deaths per year, but 88,000 deaths caused by the effects of long-term alcohol use such as "heart and liver problems, car crashes, and so on."

Cannabis has caused exactly zero deaths. That’s right, ZERO. The only article I found that suggested marijuana could have been a contributing factor to deaths, cited incidences with very little scientific information or were very loosely related to ingesting cannabis. None of them were actually deaths! Just hospitalizations for people that probably didn’t understand what they were feeling, and that it would end peacefully.

People that have been hospitalized for cannabis use were most likely just too high for their personal constitutions and were never in any real danger. Getting “too high” can certainly happen for many people, but it is a simply a feeling and not a scientifically identifiable thing. Whereas too much alcohol is clearly identifiable through testing and can literally kill you in one night.

The amount of marijuana it theoretically takes to kill you is “fifteen hundred pounds in fifteen minutes -- a physical impossibility for any human, even Snoop Dogg” which hasn’t even been proven since it’s never happened. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose. The amount of cannabis needed to be consumed in order to feel “too high” is different for everyone. You have to manage the right doses for you personally. Always go easy at first, and always feel free to speak with a doctor with experience in cannabis to identify what doses may be right for you.

As someone who has gone a little overboard with cannabis and alcohol once or twice in my day (oh…college…) I know first-hand that my regrets the next morning were always greater with the latter. Especially as someone who has always struggled with acid reflux issues. When consuming too much alcohol, I actively make decisions I wouldn’t normally make. I may kiss a regrettable person, I may dance a little too crazy in public, and few more things that you don’t need to know… Also, the next morning I’ll feel like death, throw up, and be of no use to anyone because I’m bed-locked. When I’ve consumed a lot of cannabis, my biggest regret in the morning is usually nothing worse than eating too many slices of pizza and watching eight episodes of Scandal in a row. However, I’m usually fully rested, ready for work and my stomach even feels better than usual!

People have notoriously done crazy things while drunk. These things include getting married to someone they just met, buying an excessive number of useless items from the internet and, according to one article, even losing their penises! After one night of heavy drinking, the unfortunate Geraldo Ramos woke up without his penis. He “had no idea how it had gone missing and had to have emergency surgery to prevent any infection.”Lol... WHAT?

Of course, there are instances of people doing crazy things while using cannabis. I happen to be of the opinion that this is usually because these people would do these crazy things anyway. When searching for the craziest things people have done while high, I got stories like “Went to McDonalds to get mcnuggets, in my head I ordered correctly, but then I was given 7 m&m mcfluffries.” Sounds pretty harmless… also how did the number seven come up? We may never know.

There’s certainly pros and cons to alcohol and cannabis, but when it comes to your health cannabis is a clear winner. Some cannabis users may even find comparing alcohol and marijuana offensive, as many people think cannabis should not be viewed as a party drug like alcohol. With many people around the world using cannabis to get relief from serious health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, cancer, aids, epilepsy, insomnia and more, I would have to agree. I’ve even seen videos of cannabis stopping a seizure in its tracks! When is the last time you’ve seen alcohol help anyone with their health? Yet the confusing illegality of cannabis continues, and the consumption of legal alcohol grows…

Author Credits: Josh is from south Georgia, and has enjoyed delivering cannabis for over a year.

Information courtesy of CDC, Family Council, The Independent and

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