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Most of us have experienced couch lock--maybe you smoked a little too much flower and the last thing you want to do is exercise. But these days, from comprehensive lab analysis and brand marketing--we're able to dial in our high a bit more. Awareness has spread about life hacks and beneficial diets and exercise towards a healthier life, and that awareness includes cannabis!

Whether you wish to remain functional through the day and find relief from pain, to stimulating appetite post chemotherapy, to using specific cannabinoids like CBD or CBN for getting a good nights rest. The reasons why folks medicate are ever growing.

Therefore, prior to the weekend we want to share some information about which cannabis strains and products to use for common exercises. (As always, it should be noted that 'dialing in' your high may take some experimentation and further understanding of cannabinoids and terpenes, interacting with the endocannabinoid system.)


You can enhance you run with an energizing sativa strain. We recommend micro-dosing with edibles, or vaping cannabis oil. Vaping, compared to smoking, is less harsh on the lungs, but creates immediate stimulation with your cannabinoid receptors. Strains like Sour Diesel, Tangie, and Super Lemon Haze are a good start. If you're looking for recovery from say, training for a marathon, high CBD products can provide relief to sore muscles!


We're seeing more workshops including cannabis into practice. (Personally, I take a somewhat large bong hit before my at home yoga practice!) Most indicas are known for delivering a relaxing body high, and that meditative state if you're doing a good amount of meditating or savasana. If you're getting into vinyasa, or deep breathing--you may want a high CBD product to keep it non-intoxicating. But as mentioned, experimenting is the best you can do for your body.

(Editors note: I also pair this Lord Jones CBD lotion with my yoga practice, it has great sage and citrus scents that make the practice pleasant!)


When going on a hike, it's probably best to just go with what you love. Most hybrids can provide a somewhat relaxing body high, butyet still keep you invigorated in your nature exploration. Sativas will definitely give you the euphoric high that might make all the fresh air and greenery absolutely enjoyable. And, if you happen to be camping--make sure you pass around that peace pipe of good indica flower among the moonlight or campfire.

Enjoy your weekend and the last days of summer!

Information courtesy of YogaJournal and Marijuana.com.

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