Gallup Poll Shows Most Americans Find Cannabis Use Morally Acceptable

In 1969 Gallup, a well known organization for social analytic polls, first asked how many in the U.S. had tried marijuana. At the time, only 4% said they had tried marijuana. The rise in use over the past five decades has paralleled the increasing support for legalization -- in 2017, 60% said pot should be legal, a record high. During Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey, conducted May 1-10, they released a new poll that concluded 65% of Americans find using cannabis morally acceptable.

Zach H. from Merry Jane reported on the results, "Out of respondents who said that they attended church at least once a week, only 41% considered marijuana ethical. For Americans who seldom or never attend church, though, getting stoned is apparently no big deal, with 75% condoning pot use. Similarly, only 47% of self-reported conservatives said that cannabis was an ideologically sound smoke, while 81% of liberals were on board with weed."

Below are some other statistics published by on our country's acceptance of cannabis use:

Medical Marijuana For the Win Ninety-four percent of voters are in favor of allowing patients to use medical marijuana if their doctors prescribe it. This is also the highest level of support in any national poll by the independent Quinnipiac University.

Marijuana Is Not a Gateway Drug American voters told pollsters 61 - 31 percent that they believe marijuana does not lead to other addictive drugs.

Marijuana Shouldn't Be Federally Opposed Seventy percent said they are against the enforcement of federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. In fact, voters support 74 - 20 percent a bill protecting states with legal medical or recreational marijuana from federal prosecution.

In conclusion to us, it seems that most Americans do not object on moral grounds to people consuming cannabis. Unfortunately, alcohol is more accepted and available, not to mention more harmful if abused. And that's not to say cannabis is or was abused--awareness, education and regulation are contributing to destigmatizing cannabis and creating responsible users of clean cannabis medicine.

Information courtesy of Gallup, Merry Jane and Entrepenuer.

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