How THC Helps Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, around 12 percent of Americans are "adversely affected" by migraine headaches. It is considered the sixth most disabling illness in the world.

The European Journal of Pharmacology published a study on the use of cannabinoids as treatment for migraines. Washington State University scientists gave the cannabinoid to female lab rats, to gauge the effects tetrahydrocannabinol. They found that THC was able to decrease migraines in female lab rats. "Scientists viewed the home cage wheel activity as particularly useful in determining each rat’s stress level, and according to the scientists, only stress-free rats run for extended periods of time." Through high doses of THC, certain rats were able to run longer on the wheel, with diminished stress. Read about the scientific findings at here!

Many of us marijuana users combat stress and headaches at the end of our day with cannabis. Thanks to the consumption and demand cannabis, research on the benefits of cannabis is becoming more available, giving users data to make informed decisions about self-medicating with cannabis.

Information courtesy of and The Migraine Research Foundation.

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