Cannabis 101: Vaporization

With so many cannabis products and methods of consumption available these days, navigating and choosing what works for you can be overwhelming. Today we’re going to put a focus on vaporizing your cannabis medicine.

Vaporization differs from smoking by combustion. The process entails using a lower temperature to heat your cannabis flower or concentrate to a temperature where cannabinoids become an inhalable vapor. Therefore, no burning of the cannabis material happens. Vapor also diffuses more quickly than smoke, making it a discreet option and easy for daytime use.

Cannabis vapor differs from smoke in both taste and effect within the vape realm. Concentrates offer a great way to microdose through an e-pen, while dabbing by vaporization may be one of the most intense and immediate ways to medicate with cannabis concentrates. You may discover that vaping flower may also increase the taste of the flower’s terpene profile too. This is a benefit for patients seeking anti-anxiety effects. When using High THC flower, vaporization can provide a ‘lighter’ high, not inducing overwhelming feelings of paranoia or anxiety. It should however be noted that vaporization changes the composition of cannabinoids, differently than by smoking. HelloMD reports that “with lower heat, cannabis vapor often produces more cerebral effects, affecting the mind more than the body. It can also create more energetic effects.” Therefore, if you’re looking for such effects, vaping may be right for you!

Many new devices have been manufactured specifically for cannabis products. From tabletop vaporizers for flower, to small ‘510 thread’ vape batteries, like this one from Bloom Farms, for cannabis oil. Classic desktop devices like Vapor Bros. or Volcanoes, to amazing handhelds like the PAX 3 (which vapes flower and concentrate!) have been paving the way for a different method to consume cannabis. There are even precise dosage ‘disposable’ pens, like the dosistTM line.

For an informative 'how to' video on vaping, watch HelloMD’s guide here. Check out this article on Leafly for a simple break down on the types of vape devices and how to use them. Also, take a look at our vape troubleshooting guide if you’re having any issues with your vape pen! Finally, be sure to check out our vaporizers and cartridges menus to find your favorite brand. Some of our favorites can be found below!

Absolute Xtracts - Sour Diesel Cartridge - A great extraction of Sour Diesel flower and conveniently put into cartridges by Absolute Extracts. Each cartridge contains 1/2 gram of cannabis oil. No additives!

Pure Vape - Hybrid Cartridge - Cannabis oil pre-loaded cartridge. Extracted with CO2 solvent/pressure, then refined.

dosistTM - bliss - bliss by dosistTM is a THC-forward formula balanced in a 9:1 ratio with CBD complemented by stimulating terpenes to help you feel just the right amount of good in a pre-filled dose penTM a recyclable vaporizing device designed exclusively for dosist’s formulas.

PAX 3 - Mentioned earlier in the article, the PAX 3 is high-performance from the inside out, PAX 3 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery, for a reliable experience time and again. Works for both raw concentrates and flower.

References courtesy of HelloMD and Leafly.

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