Cannabinoid Spotlight: CBD

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a cannabis derived cannabinoid that makes up for a large percentage of the plant’s extract. It is non-psychoactive, unlike its counterpart THC. When used in junction with THC can produce what is popularly known as ‘high CBD’ or ‘balanced’ cannabis medicine. CBD specific medicine is prepared using hemp or high CBD strains such as Rising Sun, Harlequin and Cannatonic. Many CBD products are manufactured in formulas with a ratio of CBD to THC, and stem from 1:1 to 20:1 and higher. Preclinical evidence shows that CBD may reduce THC clearance, increasing THC’s plasma concentrations resulting in a greater amount of THC available to receptors in the endocannbinoid system. When used together, CBD can in part increase the effects of THC. CBD on its own is also known as an anti-anxiety and anti-spasmodic. Therefore, use of the isolated cannabinoid has been applied to help treat sore muscles, epilepsy and movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease. Recent reports have also shown that dosing with CBD while using prescribed opioids, decreases side effects and helps alleviate addiction.

Cannabidiol and its effects were first discovered by chemist Roger Adams in 1940. In 1963, Israeli scientists calrified it’s chemical composition. Further research in the 1970s showed CBD was an inactive cannabinoid. However, interest in CBD did not pick up until the early 1990s when the endocannbinoid system was discovered. Last year, Hello MD released a CBD usage report that surveyed 2,400 cannabis patients. It revealed that CBD was used most commonly to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, and joint pain. 42 percent of those users also stopped using traditional medications and now use cannabis instead.

CBD products come in a variety of forms. From specific flower strains like mentioned above, to edibles, concentrates and topical as well. When seeking out such products, make sure you know where the medicine was sourced. Products generally found in dispensaries and medical cannabis delivery are trustworthy in their labeling, especially if lab tested. Always be aware of such information. reported that a small number of hemp products on the market are labelled ‘hemp’ to comply with regulations, and in 2015 and 2016, the FDA discovered a number of CBD products for purchase online that were markedly inaccurate from the manufacturers’ claims. Some of the products did not even contain any amount of CBD! If you are obtaining hemp through online stores separate from the cannabis community, thorough research will help give you confidence in your purchases. Here at HERB we comprehensively test and attain proof that our products are clean and profiled for you.

Few medicines have little to no side effects, with such a long list of benefits. Check out some of these CBD products on our menu to take full advantage of the benefits:

Rising Sun - A high CBD flower with a very even ratio of 1.5 to 1 CBD to THC. Grown in Mendocino County with aroma similar to champagne.

Guild Extracts CBD Isolate - CBD isolate in it’s extracted and natural form that can be added to meals. Can also be smoked or vaporized (try adding it to your high THC flower, or dab it on its own!)

dosist calm dosepenTM - A disposable vaporization device with a specific ratio of 10 CBD to 1 THC, making a ratio great for anxiety relief.

VCC CBD One Tincture - A tincture formulated from high CBD cannabis flower in a blend with MCT oil. Great for newer patients that want something simple and effective.

Lord Jones 5:1 High CBD Lotion - A great topical that has been mentioned in many publications such as Vogue, Forbes and Rolling Stones. Aside from the soothing cannabinoids, it has a signature fragrance of fresh sage, mint and green citrus.

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