Hello and welcome to the HERB blogosphere! A few times a week we'll be broadcasting topics and articles about things we feel need more attention and insight in and around the cannabis community--and other cannabis subjects we find interesting. We invite you to come check in to see what we're reading, thinking and saying. For our first post we wanted to showcase what our website has to offer!

Cannabis has been around for a long, long time. It has been used many different ways by a number of different people and cultures. It has evolved through culture and politics--most recently the end of cannabis prohibition (and beginnings of regulation factors) here in California. Though it's an ancient plant, we still lack research and development surrounding its uses and benefits! As legalization gains momentum around the country, more information, awareness, public opinion and even marketing--continue to grow. Check out our page on cannabis history for an in depth story of how the cannabis plant made its way across the globe--until finding itself among a thriving marketplace and being happily delivered by the staff at HERB, for the patients of HERB!

Knowledge is power, truly. Education of the cannabis plant is one of the best things you can do to understand it's effects and benefits for your health and wellness. Check out our cannabinoids and terpenes pages to read on the most commonly found compounds in cannabis that effect the reaction our bodies have with the plant. Afterwards breeze over to the Ailment Guide page to see which of those compounds may benefit why you decided to use cannabis in the first place! There are a number of links under our Education section that you can explore. (You can even learn how to troubleshoot your vape pen set up here!)

Aside from just educating yourself on cannabis, feel free to check out the expansive menu HERB has to offer. We only carry fully lab tested products. This means products free of pesticides and contaminants, as well as product profiling of dosage levels for consistency. Whether it's flowers, concentrates, edibles or topicals, we're always reviewing new products to see if they'll make it on the HERB shelves. We even have vegan edibles and topicals, as well as products for your pet!

Also, just a quick reminder, if you need a renewal for your doctor's recommendation, or if you're interested in learning more about attaining a state issued MMIC (or just have more technical questions for HERB) we've got your back! Check out our FAQ, delivery zone, see a doctor via Hello MD and come join the movement!

More to come and thanks for reading!


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