• Vanilla Frosting (IH) - Pacific Cultivation (1/8 Ounce)


    Genetics: Indica-dominant Hybrid; Humboldt Frost OG x Humboldt Gelato Bx3

    Brand: Pacific Cultivation | Learn more at www.pacificcultivation.com

    Appearance: Medium to Large-sized Buds, Light Green and Purple Hues with Amber-Orange Pistils

    Aroma: Pungent, Diesel, Sweet

    Effect: Uplifting, Relaxed, Relieving

    Cultivation Method: Sungrown

    Lab Results: THC: 14.70%, CBD: 0.02%; Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

    Notes: Vanilla Frosting induces a full-body relaxation with a head-clearing mood boost.  This strain may help alleviate stress, fatigue, and depression


    * Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance. C10-0000461-LIC - California Patients Alliance, Inc