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    OM Edibles - CBD Infused Raw Cacao (50mg CBD)

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    This Raw and Organic Superfood is extremely delicious, effective, and versatile. Medicated with organic ACDC flowers, it contains 6 natural and health beneficial ingredients. The raw cacao in this product contains numerous health benefits that work synchronistically with your cannabinoid receptors to bring a subtle but powerful mood elevating affect.


    This is a perfect “introductory” edible to Cannabis as it is generally not psychoactive but very affective. This CBD Cacao may be enjoyed with a spoon, on fruit, nuts, toast, or with the milk or milk alternative of your choice. We recommend half water and half hemp milk. Please be mindful not to heat above 115℉ to preserve the raw nutritional benefits of this product. Each 4 oz. container contains approximately 50 mg of CBD.


    *Individual batch testing on products may vary. May contain trace amounts of THC. Learn more at www.omedibles.org