• Legacy Strains - Master Kush (I) - (1 Gram)


    Genetics: Indica

    Brand: Legacy Strains | Learn more at www.legacystrains.com

    Appearance: Large and Dense Buds, Hints of Purple mixed with Sage Green Covered with White Trichomes

    Aroma: Hash, Spice, Hint of Citrus

    Effect: Relaxing, Euphoric, Calming

    Cultivation Method: Indoor; Los Angeles County

    Lab Results: THC: 24.24% CBD: 0.04%; Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

    Notes: Master Kush is perhaps the truest indica left in the cannabis scene. This special cultivar hails from the Hindu Kush mountain range. If you consider yourself an indica lover and haven't tried this yet, we would highly recommend!


    * Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance. 


    C10-0000461-LIC - California Patients Alliance, Inc