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Cannabis sales explode as Californians become homebound

"As Americans stock up on toilet paper and food to adjust to new restrictions on everyday life amid the coronavirus pandemic, they've identified weed as another essential good — particularly in California...

“It's been kind of wild,” said Bobby Vecchio, CEO of Los Angeles-based delivery service HERB. “It began slowly, 20, 30, 40 percent increases over the usual and then on Thursday we just got hit. I think that that's really when folks started to panic... If we shut down legal cannabis businesses in this state, people are still going to buy cannabis,” Vecchio said, pointing to the illicit market. “We can't really believe that that fixes the problem and that makes people safer.”

Why cannabis delivery is about more than transporting herb

"Cannabis brought to your doorstep is still a distant dream in many states, but in California, cannabis delivery is thriving...

HERB, which delivers cannabis in Los Angeles, takes a unique approach to keep the human element in weed delivery: quality over quantity...

HERB has already managed to establish plenty of practices that help consumers and their community, proving that even if cannabis moves entirely online, there’s still plenty of heart left in the business and in LA."

Tech companies are reaching new consumers in California by bringing cannabis directly to their doorsteps

It’s 2020 and people expect to be able to buy nearly anything online, including cannabis. And in California, where delivery is legal statewide, but about 75% of cities have prohibited brick-and-mortar cannabis retailers, tech companies are racing for their piece of the Golden State.


“We’re biding our time and essentially establishing a firm legal foundation here, and once we have that we’re going to be branching out and hitting other dense metropolitan areas and replicating the success we’ve seen in LA,” Vecchio says.

Downtown Los Angeles Cannabis Tourism City Guide 2019 - Top LA Cannabis Shops

"Adults 21 and older can legally order cannabis for delivery in California, under 2016’s legalization Proposition 64. The consumer experience ranges from online shopping like Amazon, to ordering a pizza. Here’s some go-to cannabis couriers:

HERB—Responsibly grown, locally sourced cannabis at good prices with a quick delivery time." - - LA's Best Cannabis Delivery Service (2018 & 2019!)

"HERB offers Angelenos fast and free cannabis delivery in Downtown, Hollywood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Venice and the surrounding areas. The HERB foundation is based on responsibly grown an locally sourced cannabis without depleting your bank account. Did we mention delivery was free? It’s free!" - 2018

"We’re fans of Herb Delivery because of their *massive* online selection that includes a wide variety of concentrates, flower, high CBD products, and even vegan products. Herb delivers to residences ranging from DTLA to Century City and Westwood." - 2019

High Times Magazine - Cannabis Delivery Goes High Tech

"Once upon a time, you might have gotten away with delivering weed two hours late. But these days, punctuality and accuracy will make or break a cannabis business.


The solution?...HERB, which sells a wide range of cannabis products and accessories...offers delivery in the Greater Los Angeles area including downtown, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Koreatown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood, Santa Monica and Venice. Those regions are notorious for extremely heavy traffic, making customers all the more likely to want delivery rather than making the hike to a dispensary." - High Times Magazine, July 2019 - 18 Best California Cannabis Delivery Services

"For patients who have turned to cannabis to relieve their ailments, the thought of having to travel to a dispensary to pick up their medicine may not be very appealing — especially for those suffering from chronic pain or those without access to convenient transportation. Delivery services to the rescue! 


HERB Cannabis Delivery appreciates their new customers, so all first-time patients receive a free top shelf gram, free edible, free HERB lighter, free stickers, and free delivery! It’s hard to turn down such a great deal from a great company." -

California Cannabis Awards 2018 - Nominee for Top 5 Best Delivery Service in the State

"The Inaugural California Cannabis Awards is a high-end event geared towards nominating and awarding the top companies, entrepreneurs and advocates in the industry. Featuring 10 award categories, the CCA's are focused on segments that make up this wonderful industry." - California Cannabis Awards 2018

HERB was nominated for Best Delivery Service in California and made it to the Top 5! 

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ALOFT Magazine - Have an Easy, Breezy Summer with Homegrown Cannabis Products - July 2019

"When it’s too hot to think about what to consume or even to leave your house, keep life simple for you and your buds with a jar or two of HERB flower. HERB sources locally-grown strains for the cannabis connoisseur and brings it to your door." - Aleza Freeman, Aloft Magazine

Culture Magazine - 'Delivery Only' January 2019

"Once the permanent rules are finalized, cities and counties can continue to ban cannabis storefronts as they please, but they can’t block delivery companies from entering their jurisdiction. Cannabis delivery companies like...HERB...are increasingly staking out territory throughout California, and they could expand much faster under the permanent rules." - Culture Magazine

Where to Buy More Emerald Cup-Winning Cannabis, Edibles, and Extracts

"Thanks to California legalization Proposition 64 and technology, it’s easier than ever to locate California’s most highly prized cannabis flowers, extracts, and edibles. Gone are the days of having to climb a hill in Humboldt County to find the best of the best. For the first time this year, each Emerald Cup contestant had to be state-licensed to enter the main categories. That means most contestants have licensed distribution into some of California’s 300 or so licensed retail stores." -

HERB was mentioned for carrying multiple 2018 Emerald Cup Winning products! 

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The Emerald Magazine - Emerald Exchange Santa Monica 2018

"The Emerald Exchange is a marketplace where NorCal cannabis farmers and the growing LA market come together to meet and exchange of the cosponsors of the event—HERB Delivery, an LA-based delivery company who offered a special menu just for this event. HERB is a new company but is expanding fast." - The Emerald Magazine

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How The Cannabis Industry Is Finding Ways To Market Around Regulation

"HERB will make personal welcome calls when a new member signs up. They also closely manage their reputation on consumer review sites such as Weedmaps." - AList


The Complete Guide To Cannabis Tourism in Los Angeles

"If you want the convenience of cannabis delivery, but don’t want to pay extra for it, HERB will deliver any order over $50 for free!"